To envisage a will …

The will is essentially used to manage your wishes in matters of succession, more rarely in funeral management. However, the law provides for the possibility in the management of a succession of a fixed sum for the assumption of funeral expenses. This sum is often very insufficient for a funeral that takes place in the same town of death.


The central file of the last will provisions (FCDDV)?

The FCDDV, in France, commonly known as the wills file, centralizes in a single place for the whole of France the information relating to the wills received by the notaries; This makes it possible to verify 3 points: the existence or not of the will, the place of filing and coordinates of the notary where the will is located, a verification of the civil status of the person concerned.

It is therefore a Notary who, whatever the form of the testament (holographic, authentic, mystical) who proceeds to the registration to the FCDDV.



Why consult the FCDDV?

When settling an estate, you can ask the FCDDV to find out:

– the contact details of the notary office which ensures its conservation and access,

– if the will or acts expressing the last wishes of the deceased includes information concerning his funeral.

If no will exists, you will have to do according to what you know about the deceased loved one.



You do not have a Notary?

Often the question arises as to whether the use of a notary is mandatory in the context of an estate? If you find yourself in any of the following situations, you must use a notary:

– the estate includes real estate (to establish the certificate of real estate ownership),

– the amount of the estate is equal to or greater than € 5,000 (to establish the act of notoriety to prove his status as heir),

– there is a will or gift between spouses (marriage contract …).