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Why choose to subscribe
Funeral Insurance Funeral Repatriation?

Reasonably and statistically a death can happen at any time. In this case, unfortunately, important expenses are found at the expense of your entourage (spouses, parents …).

By adhering to such a contract, you win in:
> serenity, because you do not leave a debt to your loved ones
> personal financial management, because the guarantee subscribed avoids to begin your capital inheritance transmitted
> your loved one has a budget (the amount of the guarantee taken out) to cover funeral expenses, including repatriation to your home land.


is that the insurance for you?

1 – You live in the French metropolis and are from an “ultramarine land” (Dom-Tom …) or from a foreign country to France (Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania …).

2 – You are alone, or in family (up to 5 children) to reside in Metropolitan France.

3 – You wish to be buried in your home country, which implies the repatriation of the body beyond the borders.

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Universcia has developed THE CONTRACT that suits you, with SEVERAL CHOICES to fit you and your wishes.

1 – A CAPITAL GUARANTEE with an amount ranging from 4,000 to 10,000 euros
Depending on the protocol you want and the destination of your home land, the budget of your funeral can vary from single to double.
By choosing the right guarantee, you can organize a vigil, one or two people can accompany in the plane the body traveling to the Earth of origin …

You are alone in metropolitan France for 2 years or more …. are under 30 years old?
On the contrary you are here with your whole family (you, your spouse and up to 5 children in the family home).
The contract applies until the first death occurs (then a new contract can be subscribed again and adapted to the new family context).

3 – You wish to BE INHUMED ON YOUR LAND OF ORIGIN, which implies the repatriation of the body beyond borders or oceans
Universcia has chosen to create an insurance that includes the option of Legal Protection Funeral (handling of disputes in the context of privacy, between the insured to a third party and relating to the organization of funerals) to to bring even more serenity to the relatives in the possible complications related to the repatriation of bodies.

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